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WordPress is one of the most used software applications today. It has become an essential part of any blog site. This wide popularity is attributed to many unique features depending on the WordPress plugin that you use. Nowadays, blogs serves many purposes. People primarily use their WordPress blog site to promote their products and services and thereby improve their sales. There are a lot of free WordPress plugins available which will incorporate various extra features to your WordPress blog site.

The plugins are programming codes that are written to enhance the features of the existing WordPress. Such plugins will not alter the basic WordPress program but modifies them with a view to incorporate additional features to it. Today, there are over 200 million WordPress users worldwide. It is difficult to catch up with each of these users and design plugins to satisfy their personalized needs. But, the number of plugin developers have also seen a gigantic increase and therefore resulted in the release of more and more unique codes which are targeted at a wider range of audience.

These plugins enhance the functionality of the WordPress. They can be customized according to the requirement of the user. There are plugins available which are designed to optimize the searches conducted by the blog. This can be a powerful marketing tool. Also, there are shopping cart plugins which can transform a standard blog website into a fully fledged online shopping site. There are also WordPress plugins aimed at reducing the number of spammers affecting your blog. Other applications include photo and video gallery, managing advertisements etc.

Some bloggers specifically employ WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. Their affiliate marketing link can be directly posted on the WordPress dashboard thereby ensuring easy visibility to visitors and potential customers. They also provide the option for bloggers to post advertisements in the dashboard. Therefore the application of WordPress plugins has proliferated in online marketing and affiliate marketing.

The various free WordPress plugins available has definitely changed the total outlook of bloggers. They have improved the quality and functionality of such blog sites. Since the number of free WordPress plugins developers has increased abundantly, a blogger might find it difficult to select a good one. Certain things should be kept in mind before selecting your free plugin. One can always make use of the trial version before actually installing it. Proper research and innovation can yield very productive results.

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