How to Apply A WordPress Theme


One of the biggest advantages to WordPress is the easy to use theme system. This makes changing your blog or websites design a really easy task. Best of all, many themes are available for free of charge. The key is to learn how to use the theme system so you do not waste your time trying to figure out why your theme is not working.

If you want to apply a WordPress theme, the first step is making sure you have the theme installed. There are two different ways that a WordPress theme can be installed. The first option is to install it manually by uploading the theme folder to your themes directory. This requires some knowledge of FTP and web directories.

The second option is to use the build in theme uploader, which can be accessed from directly in the WordPress administration panel. To get started, just browser to the appearance section in WordPress and click on the themes section. One in here, you can just click on the add new theme button to get started. You can either search for a theme in the directory or choose the zip file you downloaded from somewhere else on the internet.

Regardless of the way you choose, WordPress will automatically install the theme for you and place it in the correct folder. Once this is done, you are then ready to apply the WordPress theme.

Guess what? Activating the theme is even easier than installing it! All you have to do is look at your installed themes and choose the one you want to use. Then just use the activate link to automatically apply any given them. Within a matter of seconds, your entire blog or website layout will completely change based on the theme you are using. Talk about an easy way to design websites!

So there is a quick overview on how to apply WordPress themes.

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