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Job Test for Web Content and Article Writer

Guide for Web Content and Article Writer

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read before! important

0) Read different articles on the topic and then write in your own words. 0) More then 400 words in the article. 0) Topic/Title (keywords) is commonly used. 0) Topic/title (keyword) is must in the first paragraph. 0) Topic/title (keyword) is not more then 2 or 3 times in complete article. 0) Bullets (points) plays a important role for ranking. 0) Use these bullets in 1st Heading details. 0) Passive Sentences are not more than 10%. 0) Sentences with Transition Words must be more then 30%. 0) Try to make short sentences. 0) Article contain more then three paragraphs. 0) Add the links with related word in braces like (link). 0) Copy/Paste the link of Picture related to the article from iStock (only) for Feature Images. 0) Meta Description is few important words shown in Search Engine.

article! category
  • Technology
    • Upcoming About Everything
  • Business Growth
    • Social Growth
    • Techniques
    • Others
  • Digital Trend
    • Mobiles/Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows)
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