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You see, everyone has a reason for loving their blogging platform. I have my reason for loving mine too. I love WordPress for a lot of reasons, but I think that the major thing that makes WordPress tick is the fact that there are probably a thousand and one options available to you for customizing your blog. Of course, you get to customize your blog through the use of the numerous Plugins made available to you through the WordPress platform. Of course, it can be really stressful, seeing that there are numerous Plugins for you to search from, before you can get the one you really need to accomplish what you want. This post has been written strictly to explain to you how to go about making the right choice from the seemingly endless list.

If you are a blogger who is really serious about blogging or maybe you are one interested in the process of using your blog for social media or networking, then you would need to select the best out of the rest. There are a handful of Plugins that would help you stand out in the blogging field. If you are not sure of the processes involved in installing a new Plugins, then I would assure that the process is indeed a very simple one. All you need to go is to locate the left side of your dashboard when you have logged in. locate the navigation portion, and select add new. You will find it under the Plugins section, of course. All you would be required to do would be to type in the name of the Plugins I am going to recommend to you, and there should be no further stress. They should turn up in the search results. Once you have located the right Plugins, then all you would be requested to do would be to click install. After installing, all you have to do would be to activate the plug-in, and you are good to go.

If you want to reap the best services out of WordPress, these are the Plugins you should be focused on:

1. Akismet: this Plugin is decidedly good, if you do not like spam infiltrating your blog. It checks all your comments to eliminate all spam comments.

2. All-in-One SEO Pack: This aids you in getting your SEO rating go up. Therefore, with the installation of this Plugin you stand a greater chance of having your blog rank better in the Google search engine listings.

3. Comment Luv: this makes traffic on your commentor’s websites to increase. The benefit is that it keeps the interactive commenting session active and more rewarding.

4. Facebook share: Although this is a really new Plugin, it is showing real progress. It allows people to share your blog posts on their Facebook accounts.

5. Onlywire: in fact, I find this alone to be quite effective. This Plugin allows you and your commentors and visitors to share the content on your blog to a maximum of thirty three different social bookmarking websites.

6. Optimal title: this Plugin works on your titles and makes them to be readily picked up by search engines.

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