Top 14 WordPress Plugins for Twitter


Looking to optimize your WordPress sites for Twitter? If so here are some free plugins to take advantage of to give you the biggest “bang” for your buck.

  • TweetMeme – Want your blog entries to be retweeted? TweetMeme is the application for you.
  • The Twitter Updater – This nifty plugin allows you to automatically send updates to your Twitter account whenever you make a change to an existing post or create a new one. You also have the ability to turn the auto-update function off giving you total command how you want your site to interact with your Twitter account.
  • Twitter Retweet – Twitter ReTweet allows for your visitors to ReTweet the content on your site instantaneously to their network of people following them.
  • Twitter Badge – Looking for javascript related plugins? Twitter Badge is your answer. The badges show your visitors what you have been posting on Twitter all from the comforts of your WordPress site.
  • TweetBacks – TweetBacks allows you to import people’s tweets about your blog posts as comments to your blog. This plugin even gives you the ability to have the comments displayed separately from people who have commented directly on your blog.
  • Tweet Stats – An add-on to the TweetBacks plugin is Tweet Stats. This particular plugin allows you to upload the following widgets to your site: “Most Tweeted Posts” and “Recently Tweeted Posts”.
  • TwitThis – Want to make it a snap for visitors to send Twitter messages about your content? TwitThis is the answer. Once the TwitThis button or link is clicked, the webpage URL will be shortened for the visitor to pass along to their friends via Twitter.
  • Tweet This – Tweet This is a plugin that places a Twitter icon on every post and page on your site, so your readers can spread your content easily via their Twitter accounts.
  • Twitt-Twoo – This easy to use plugin allows you to update your Twitter status from within your blog’s own sidebar.
  • Simple Twitter Link – Exactly as the name states, Simple Twitter Link supplies you with a URL that re-directs people to a specific page on your web site.
  • Twitter Feed – With Twitter Feed all you need to do is login and then supply your blog’s RSS feed to have all of your blog updates automatically posted on Twitter.
  • Wickett Twitter Widget – Want to make the most of the sidebar of your blog? Now you can with the Wickett Twitter Widget, which allows you to showcase your tweets directly on your blog.
  • TweetRoll – Want to show who follows you on Twitter on your blog? TweetRoll’s high-powered widget displays your friends’ avatars on your site. With many customization features, this plugin is growing in popularity.
  • Tweet Tweet – Tweet Tweet is a plugin that archives your tweets and the tweets of those you follow so you never have to worry about losing any of your priceless conversations again.
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