Why Developers Prefer Premium Over Free WordPress Themes


The term Premium has many times been used by marketers to refer to something that has a price value attached to it. What is not ‘revealed’ much to the blame of marketers is that the term Premium can refer to both free and paid commodity. For example in this topic of discussion there are Premium WordPress themes available in the market both as free downloads and as paid versions. However since most Premium WordPress themes are made available for commercial purposes it is only natural for them to be assumed as themes for sale.

While choice can be influenced by many factors including budget and time, a decision should be made based upon a basic understanding of both categories of themes. But as research has proven those who choose to buy Premium WordPress themes have a certain level of guarantee that they will get value for their money.

Here are the five potent reasons why this is the case.

  • Unlike the free WordPress themes, Premium themes already have the necessary plugins and widgets installed such as Social Media plugins, RSS feed for optimization and multimedia functionality to embed video and audio which saves resources to buy or build from scratch some of these features not available for sale.
  • As characteristic of the business world, developers who build Premium themes code them with such superiority in terms of the aesthetic features and back-end functionality so that they can have an edge over their competition.
  • Most WordPress premium developers also have in place a 24 hour support system where they offer an email/ticketing system to customers. On the other hand free WordPress themes don’t offer such a personalized support system and instead buyers have to look out for forums discussing topics aligned to their choice of theme where they can interact or ask questions.
  • Free WordPress themes are very common compared to their premium counterparts hence that unique look will barely be seen unless with the adopting of extensive customization which would require a lot of time and may not be available especially with most clients.
  • And last but not the least Premium WordPress theme buyers have the opportunity to select themes according to their specific need or type of industry unlike free themes which are built with a more generalized approach to the design work.

To have a fully customized website with all the necessary features in place a client has to bring on board a web developer and pull in a budget that will fund the process. In most cases, clients or business owners are not ready to put in a big budget for a website project hence buying a premium WordPress theme gives a plausible solution with a professional product still guaranteed.

Investing in a Premium WordPress theme may relieve website developers a bucket load of time building websites along with other merits but purchasing of these themes should be done with caution.

Not all Theme market places have reputable vendors who are available to provide support, updates or whose products have followed the WordPress Themes guidelines.

The only way to guarantee a sure purchase is to research and find reputed Theme market places such as envatomarket with a standard support platform and markets for industry reputed providers such as theme forest who by no debate sell the most popular WordPress themes.

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