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In between your daytime job and night time rest, you are busy doing things to keep your blog active. Though you know that your office work can’t provide you with the luxury of time to update your website on a regular basis, you still find a way to post something to keep the content fresh. If you are on WordPress, there is no need to stress yourself too much about keeping up with the fast pace of the virtual world.

WordPress is considered as the most popular weblog software in the entire planet at present because millions of bloggers prefer it to power up their websites or personal blogs. One reason why WordPress reigns supreme is the fact that users find a wide selection of plug-ins they can use to add functions to their blogs or websites. To help you manage your blog better, we have created a list of the ten essential WordPress plug-in you must have.

1. All-in-one SEO pack – If you are after on-page optimization, install this plug-in. This is a free WordPress plug-in which helps users improve their blogs’ SEO status and increase traffic. All-in-one SEO pack also enables users to optimize their titles, keywords, meta-descriptions, page navigation links and prevent duplicate content.

2. List Eruption – This plug-in allows you to monitor readers, make landing pages of your campaign, and provide incentive to your subscribers every time they share your campaign to their friends.

3. YARPP – This allows you to recommend related articles to your readers. It shows a list of recommended articles and uses an advanced algorithm to detect the suitable articles your visitors can also read.

4. Advertising Manager – This plug-in will help you rotate and manage your advertisement materials on your WordPress blog. It also allows you to set limitations on your ads.

5. Google XML Sitemaps – Automatically creates XML sitemaps whenever you construct a new post on your blog. It also automatically submits the sitemap to Bing and Google, hence, making the indexing process faster.

6. ShareThis – One of the most popular social media plug-in, Share This is used by more than a million websites. This plug-in lets you share content on more than 50 social networks such as Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. You can also customize your theme and adapt the buttons to the style of your blog.

7. Google Analytics – This one lets you monitor the traffic on your blog. It gives more metadata and can provide insights about your visitors’ behavior.

8. WP-PostRatings – This plug-in allows your visitors to give ratings to your articles. With this, you would be able to get feedback which is valuable for your blog’s improvement.

9. Akismet – Massive amount of spams lingering on your blog is such a pain in the head. With Akismet, you can automatically detect most of the spams before they can cause you a lot of trouble.

10. WP-DBManager – Manage your blog’s database with this plug-in. WP-DBmanager allows you to optimize, analyze, backup, repair, delete and restore your database with ease.

There are also many Premium WordPress Plugins you can chose from that will really turn up your blog traffic.

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