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MaxBlogPress is one site I have found to be very useful. They have a lot of good information there. I like their slogan “WordPress Plugins for charging up your wordpress blog for MAX traffic and MAX income” because that is exactly what I want to do.

Pawan Agrawal, the owner of MaxBlogPress, does an excellent job with that blog. It is continuously being upgraded and new things added. He keeps coming out with new plugins to make WordPress work better.

They have many WordPress plugins that are very useful. I use just about all of them on all my blogs. One of my favorite plugins in the one Pawan calls Stripe Ads.

This plugin will put a very small stripe across the top of you blog with as many different ads as you like rotating. These of course are text ads of one sentence because that is all the room you have. But they are great and not intrusive like a popup or other kind of ads.

You also have a lot of control over the ads. Such as the wording, the color of the background, and the color of the text, You can change fonts, bold, and underline the text. You can assign different weights to different ads so some show more than others. You can lock the ad at the top so it all ways shows and doesn’t scroll off the screen.

In fact here is a quote from the description of the plugin. Pawan says it better than I can.

Here’s what you can do with the advanced settings page for Stripe Ads:

* Create an unlimited amount of stripe ads

* Choose the frequency of display and give each ad it’s own weight

* Customize the look and feel of the ads to match your blog’s layout

* Choose to have it static, or to hover at the top of you blog while scrolling down

* Advertise an affiliate link, links to your own products, or special “timed” offers and promotions

You can make the ad stand out like a sore thumb, or neatly blend it in as just another element of your blog – it’s really up to you!

It’s Not Just an Advertising Tool!

Don’t look at Stripe Ads as just a promotional or advertising tool because it’s much, much more.

Stripe Ad is fully customizable to meet any need, and you can do this easily from within your WordPress dashboard under Options > MBP Stripe Ad.

You can also use it to:

* Draw attention to a certain post or page on your blog for example a contest page, your services or a poll.

* Show your disclaimers or Terms of Service (TOS)

* Display an announcement or important news

* Welcome new users and ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed (by displaying the ad for the first 3 visits or a particular user)

* Much, much more (use your imagination folks)

I think that is well said and I would highly recommend you get this plugin. I would also suggest you sign up for Pawan’s newsletter or RSS feed so you can stay informed about all the other things they have.

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