Evolution in Cricket makes easy the process of Decision Making. Cricket technology introduces hawk-eye technology, 360 camera, sensors, and predictors.

  • A good database record of the cricketer reveals both the positive and negative aspects of the game. It assists the coach in building a strong team.
  • Fergie’s wagon wheel technology creates the pie graph of bating. and tell how to make a better scoreboard.
  • Bowling Machine revolutionizes the fielding side which introduces different spins and swing styles for batsmen. This evolution in cricket makes the leg-break and off-break deliveries like real bowlers.

  • Snikometers is discovered by British computer scientists. This cricket technology empowered the third empire for catches and LPWs. The graph is drawn by the hitting of the ball on the bat by producing sound. The mic which is installed in the wicket, synchronizes the sound ways with slow-motion cameras and makes the spikes on the graph.
  • Hawk-eye technology helps in the review of the Umpire’s Decision for LPWs. It visually tracks the direction of the ball for Pitching, Impact, and Wicket hitting. It creates the 3D-Image of Batman’s Leg hitting the ball.
  • Cricket Technology also introduces Sipdercams for birds’ eye view and zoom-in view of the pitch.
  • Hotspot edge detectors are used by keepers for ball catching. This infrared image system makes the friction image of a ball hit with pads, gloves, and a bat.
  • Evolution in cricket generates smart stumps with cameras, mic, and LED bulbs.

No doubt cricket technology generates the charm in audience and viewers. ICC also working to improve the various aspect of the game and remove the challenges. Many other sensors are in a queue like practice equipment, no-ball call and elbow sensors, etc. Comment below for more ideas on the technology used in Cricket.

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