One of the most effective and easiest ways to accomplish the goals is through targeted videos. Today it is Shorts, HD, 4K, and VR videos for Video Marketing for Business. The number of tips, strategies, software, and equipment used for the YouTube Promotion.

Importance of Video Marketing for Business!

As per research, every user all around the world consumes 19 hours per week to watch videos. And YouTube Promotion is the best video marketing channel. (By wyzowl)

How do you do good video marketing?

Find out the target audience and niche. And clear the idea that why you are making the video for your business marketing. 79% of marketers don’t know about the niche. and 97% of the designer don’t know how to upload the video? Generate the awesome funnel which generates sales and permanent customers.

Which Type of Video does, Audience like the Most?

Explainer videos are ranked and marketed easily as compared to testimonials or presentations. White Board Animations Video is also the best example and iconiferz provides the services for explainer marketing videos.

Best Practice for Video Marketing

  • Find the Niche/Type of Video
    • Explainer Video
    • Demo Video
    • Brand Video
    • Event Video
    • Educational or How to do Video
    • Expert Interview
    • Animated Video
    • Product Compared Video
    • Virtual Reality (VR) Video
  • Chose your Targeted Audience
  • The size of Video must be 16:9
    • For YouTube: 7680p (8K): 7680×4320. 2160p (4K): 3840×2160. 1440p: 2560×1440.
  • Make sure every object is clear in the Video
    • Key Lights, Back Lights, Exposure, Brightness, Eliminations, and Shadows.
  • Deliver the best Audio Effects
  • Save the Video in desired title and extension. (like iPhone 14 Feature.mp4)

How to publish the video for YouTube Promotion?

  1. Title
  2. Description
    • Must have some detailed description in the Video.
    • Three Hashtags allowed
    • SEO Keyword (Title) must be the part of Description at least Two Times.
    • Example (“Video Marketing for Business” comes in Description maximum Two Times Only)
    • Video Chapters
    • Targeted Product/Post Link
    • Channel Link
    • Best Rated Video Link
    • Social Page Links
  3. Select Playlist
  4. Thumbnail
    • It must be an HD picture
    • The purpose must be clear
    • It can be designed in CANVA Online Picture Editing Software
  5. Tags
    • Tags plays important role in video SEO or Ranking
    • Channel name must be the part of Tags
    • Three Hashtags used in the description must be the part of Tags
    • The title (Keyword) of the Video must be the part of Tags
    • Youtube allows 500 Characters of Tags. Try to fill in all related sentences.
    • Find in YouTube by Search Bar like “Email Marketing” related are 1) Email Marketing List 2) Email Marketing Purpose 3) Email Marketing Services etc
  6. End Screen
    • Channel Subscription
    • Best Rank Video
  7. Card
    • Add different cards during the video
  8. Subtitles

Shortcuts for Youtube Promotion Tips In 2023

According to our experience, there are few online tools for Video Marketing.

  1. One of the best Google Chrome Extension is TubeBuddy
  2. Second best Google Chrome Extension is vidIQ
  3. Finding the Tags for SEO Youtube KeyWords
    • Select Medium Rank KeyWords


No doubt video promotion is very important for business growth. All factors are necessary for Video Marketing for Business. iCONIFERz provides services for Video SEO on YouTube. If is there any issue or demand contact us or comment below.

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We're committed to your privacy. iCONIFERz uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, and services. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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