Artificial human parts. Technology in surgery is leading dramatically to a new era. The future of medical science is that every organ in human beings is artificial—for example, our heart, lungs, eyes, teeth, and everything else. The world is entering the artificial intelligence age. Every new technology is going to depend on robotics. AI is now the human partner. It guides the diet plan, calorie usage, and walking tracks. It knows about the weather, habits, heartbeat, and oxygen level.

How does technology in surgery change human life?

The Virtual Reality of Human Anatomy (Oculus, Playstation, Visible Body). In 2022, make everything too prominent for doctors, even patients. Teleconsultants replace doctors. So, patients simply send the data via wearable sensors, and in return, doctors despatch the medical advice. Doctors start the operations in their clinic even if they are in faraway places or in cars via teleoperation and computer-assisted manipulations. In addition to VR technology, the doctor really performs the operation in his surgical dress. Robotics takes the place of human doctors and reduces the risk of surgery. Most operations on the heart, stomach, liver, or kidney are performed by an optical fiber tube. Moreover, cancer diseases are removed from atomic and nuclear rays. Some electrodes can control behavior, temperature, heartbeats, pressure, pleasure, and pain. Some examples are Laser knives, laparoscopic surgery, telepresence surgery, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.

The future of surgery, just as the future of medicine, means close cooperation between humans and medical technology. However, it won’t become reality without artificial intelligence.

Medical Science of 2022 VS 2050

So, every disease can be cured by targeted medicine in 2022. Definitely, everyone wishes for an easier and healthier life. Furthermore, the life of the internet reduces misdiagnoses. While the sensors, which are everywhere, give the predicted upcoming issues in the human body, like irregular heartbeat, eye itching, oxygen level, etc. As well as, artificial intelligence automatically finds new formulas for diseases. Recently, the COVID-19 vaccine has dominated all over the world. In the upcoming days, AI technology itself will find vaccines for diabetes, HIV, and cancer.

In 2030:

By 2030, the average infection rate from all over the world is reduce to 2%. While it is 10% in 2015 and 59% in 1990. Moreover, bioprinting has started to change the structure of the human face and body. And in 2030, 100% of Japan will look beautiful.

In 2050:

Also, science progresses at the same rate, human life may reach 115 years in 2050 as compared to 72 years in 2022. The life of chromosomes can be increased by extra medication. Expectedly, in 2050, robots technology will be able to understand all the tissue of the human brain.

Operation Accuracy

Environmental Effects on Medical Science

Modern techniques have revolutionized human biology. But the change in climate has badly affected the life cycle. This includes the quality of air, food security, drinking water, flooding, and weather. Besides this international outbreak of different diseases like Dengue Fever, COVID, Ebola, Monkeypox, etc., As per the Report of the UN Population Division, the population in 2050 will reach 9.7 billion.


Most of society agrees with this development. Really science is playing the important role in the techniques of deadly diseases. And improve the life of billions of Human Beings. In addition, no one says that our past is better in medical history and technology in surgery, Universities start Surgical Technologists as subjects. Finally, someone says, maybe artificial food is the hope for food shortage.

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