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Storage is part of the computer. Data Storage Technology has revolutionized this arena. From Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives, and Solid State Drives respectively. While online drives are the best cloud storage services.

History of Data Storage

  • Floppy Disk
    • Storage Type: Magnetic. Storage Size: 800KB to 2.8MB. Data Safety: Unsecure. Usage: Readable.
  • Compact Disk (CD)
    • Storage Type: Digital Optical Disc Data Storage. Storage Size: 650MB to 700MB. Data Safety: 50%. Usage: Readable.
  • Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
    • Storage Type: Digital Optical Disc Data Storage. Storage Size: 4.7GB to 17.08GB. Data Safety: 50%. Usage: Readable.
  • USB Flash Drives (Thumb Drives)
    • Storage Type: Floating-Gate Semiconductor Memory. Storage Size: 512MB to 2TB. Data Safety: 70%. Usage: Rewriteable.
  • Solid State Drives
    • Storage Type: Integrated Circuit. Storage Size: 20MB to 100TB. Data Safety: 70%. Usage: Rewriteable.

Data Storage Technology in 2022

Online Drives remove all the history of Data Storage. Do you want to spend it on 1TB storage Cell Phone? It is your big loss of money. And Speed is also affected by big storage. According to experience, today the Window TAB of ACER with 128 GB storage has been working perfectly for the last 7 years with updates. The latest extension of Images (HEIC) takes 50 times less storage as compared to JPG. Unlimited Storage Services for pictures and videos are freely given by Google Photos and Apple Photos. How many movies do you want to store on your phone? The answer is only “Netflix“. Best Cloud Storage Services for a lifetime are better than the expense of Tab/Mobile/Laptop storage. Maximum website storage and unlimited CDNs from hosters like Bluehost.

Cloud Service Comparisons in 2022

The best solutions in 2022 for saving, securing, and sharing images are Google Photos and Apple Photos. Where you find memories, rediscover, and auto-editing tools for life. Data Storage Technology is revealed day by day.

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Even most of the services now have unlimited storage for unlimited users for a few dollars like Box Storage.


While information sharing with others by a single cell number or email address without any loss of viruses or errors. Cloud Data Storage Technology provides instant backup, which means forgetting about the loss of data. There is no need for software installation. Most of the basic functions like Photo Editing (CANVA), Office Work (Office 365, Google Doc), etc performing via online services. Concern with our services for the most effective online cloud storage. Comment below for more details and issues!

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