Apple introduces the iPhone 14. Once again, leading in the tech world, presenting the Emergency SOS service via Satellite. The incredible technique of the best software, iOS 16, connects the Apple phone with a satellite with some simple questions. This technology enables satellites to locate the user’s location in the mountains or by the seaside.

Through these services, Apple will connect with specialists on the user’s behalf. And send the emergency on the exact location for Users Help.

via Apple

What is the Cost of this Emergency SOS Service?

Initially, this service is Free for Two Years in the USA and Canada. Next year, emergency SOS via Satellite will be launched in more countries. Maybe China, Hong Kong, or Macao is the next ones for the iPhone 14 feature.

How much time it will take to send SOS Message?

As per authorities, it’ll take 15 Seconds to send a message. Or it might take 1 Minute under the tree or heavy foliage.

How to activate Emergency SOS via Satellite?

By pressing the iPhone side button 5 Times or holding the button with the Volume button to activate the Emergency SOS.


It threatens those who don’t want to share their location. But as to medical issues, it is a necessary part of life. While Germany is already using these services via Satellite Phone via Zoleo and Iridium Communications. Really the iPhone 14 feature for Emergency SOS via Satellite is game-changing technology. Apple also introduced the Crash Detection Service with Emergency SOS. But its confirmation is still too much difficult for the human presence or not.

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