Textbooks lead to Technology. Innovations in books make us easy to read books. So, the advanced technology to convert our class into digital tools. Technology VS Textbooks is the race of papers with tablets, smart boards, and the internet. The comparison between them is not a debate, both have pros and cons. Both technology and textbooks have their advantages and disadvantages.

Will Modern Technology Replace Books?

Maybe or maybe not. People also like to read the textbook, by someone says that the words have a deeper effect on the mind via book instead of a digital screen.

Men Die but Books never Die

Book reading is a part of life whether it is on-screen or via paper. Internet converted their books into e-books.

The Technology VS TextBooks

  • As a Self Library more digital books can store as compared to books.
  • More students can learn innovatively, and share information at the same point.
  • Books are more targeted as compared to Digital platforms, while digital technology dispersed the attention.
  • Technology gives animation to digital books. While textbooks are hard to understand.
  • References are available in digital books which makes them reach.
  • Up-to-date information is always available in real-time. While in the book number of latest additions come from time to time.
  • The latest Technology guides us in more activity base learning with graphical experiments.
  • The important factor of the study is that digital media books are more affordable as compared to books.
  • Digital Books are more easily shareable via PDF, and DOCx files within a few bytes.
  • Digital Books are always available on Cell Phones, iPods, Tablets, Laptops, or Computers at any time.
  • Textbooks are guided step by step, while Digital Books disperse from the topic like Wikipedia.
  • Nowadays, the weight of books become a bundle as compared to e-books.
  • Finding information from e-books is more convenient as compared to books.
  • Digital books or e-books are also available in audio format.
  • Printed word or hard text has more power of justification as compared to a digital word.
  • Digital Media needs power to run, while textbooks are always available to read.
  • E-Books are more eco-friendly and save more paper.
  • Digital Books can be translated into different languages at the same time.


According to some authorities, the Digital platform is a time waste for huge learning. Technology also has a great loss of health issues. While textbooks mean hard copy has the feature of remembering and recalling content. Some the personalities have the habit to read books before sleeping which makes relax to them. However, books are more durable than e-books or digital media. Will Modern Technology Replace Books? The answer is that the writer must work for both places for textbooks and e-books. If the writer publishes the books for libraries, then he should publish them on digital media and social media. Because, more society read his research work, and writing abilities.

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