Robots technology is one of the emerging technology that will change our future. Humans are never satisfied they are constantly striving for better and better and that happens with robots also. Earlier robots were used for normal daily tasks but now they are able to achieve the most complex functions of humans with accuracy and perfection. Robots and Robotics There are numerous definitions but we can say that robots are machines that are used to carry out various kinds of tasks as programmed by a programmer. The field is called robotics.

This is the branch of Artificial intelligence which is composed of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science engineering. Types of Robots There are different types of robots that are used in various fields. They are different in shape, size, functionalities, and capabilities.

Types of Robot:
  • Pre-Programmed Robots
  • Humanoid Robots
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Tele-Operated Robots
  • Augmenting Robots
  • Industrial Robots
  • Military Robots
  • Medical Robots
  • Entertainment Robots

Pre-programmed Robots: Such robots work in a controlled manner where they are designed for simple and repetitive tasks. Humanoid Robots: These kinds of robots are more like humans as they perform activities like running, jumping, and walking. They even have facial expressions and can understand human moods like Sophia. Autonomous Robot: These kinds of robots are freer to perform their task. They generally do not require human supervision like cleaning bots. Tele-operated Robots: are robots that can be controlled from a distance. Augmenting Robots: they are such kinds of robots that enhance the human’s capabilities or replace what is lost. For example exoskeleton. Areas robots are being used!. Industrial Robots: They are mainly used for simple and repetitive industrial tasks. Examples include assembly line processes, picking, and packing. Military Robots: work as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicle), triage, and surveillance. Exploration robot are being used to explore areas where humans can not reach. Some dangerous surrounding certain environments can be dangerous for humans to enter, such as disaster areas, places with high radiation, and extreme environments. Medical Robots: They are not only involved in the operating room but also help in supporting health care staff and enhancing patient care. Entertainment Robots: people are buying robots for enjoyment. There are several popular toy robots, and there are even robot restaurants and giant robot statues. The major example of many robots are used in Dubai Expo 2020.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots:

They have their own pros and cons. They are effective, accurate, and consistent in doing their task. They do not need motivation for work. They can continuously work for many hours. They have sensors and actuators which are more capable than humans.

They are taking the place of humans as automating tasks. They are difficult to program for multiple functions according to need. Much money is needed for handling and maintenance of robots that are more advanced Future of robots Robots are the future of the world. From accomplishing tasks like picking something to go to Mars for exploration they are everywhere. Although currently, they are not able to overcome humans the use of Natural language processing and computer vision will boost the technology of robots.

Robots Now a Days:

They are becoming better and better in terms of their limitations and scope. The prediction is that by 2030 they will automate millions of jobs. They will interact with the human world with more power, Technology and intelligence. In the future robots technology will be able to make decisions and work more independently through the use of AI and their learning ability. Some Advance projects on Robots are

1. Google’s worker robots This is one of the most recent projects of Google. Robots with personalities. It is said that they will end the manual labor.

2. Multi-tasking bots Momentum Machines developed a multi-tasking bot capable of preparing a gourmet hamburger in as little as 10 seconds.

3. Saul Robot is designed to help fight deadly diseases like the Ebola virus.

4. Pepper Robot Technology is a talking humanoid robot that adapts its attitude based on how it perceives the mood of humans around it. The device detects emotional states like sadness, surprise, joy, and anger. It responds in a natural and appropriate fashion. Pepper uses multi-directional microphones to detect sounds.

Conclusion Robots Technology advances are increasingly surprising, robots and their importance are increasingly visible, and living in this time is the best thing that can happen. Robots can now be used in so many areas, such as security, education, the home, hard work, or creative work, these technologies will lead us to develop robots so advanced that human beings will have an easier time achieving their medium and long-term goals.

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