For several years, we are more dependent on Technology. In this modern age, everyone wants the use Court Technology for their issues. Man in life must visit this courtroom even for wealth transfer or paternal issues. Even a doctor uses the latest techniques for the patient, former use the latest methods for more yield. And even a car driver takes the decision from technology for time-saving. Our court proceedings are very far from the latest techniques.

Court Technology become the need of the modern age. The court hearings, conferences, trials, and other events should hold remotely.

Court Technology Techniques

The technique makes the proceedings fast as they can take to the final results.

  • Perfect Law System, Gives you 100% results.
  • Make Computer System that behaves as a Judge.
  • Judges have the access to fill the electronic file system.
  • Every Party for Justice informs by single-step notification.
  • Save more and more results for instant Orders.
  • Make sure for more digital evidence.
  • One Database System adds to all Courts.
  • Forensic Labs must available in all Courts.
  • Easy methods Audio, Video, Photography, Emails, and Text Messages.
  • Instant use of Thumb Drives, Projectors, LEDs, and DVDs.
  • Important thing is that all team members are linked with a single software.
  • Fast communication means Zoom, Whatsapp, Team, and Skype.

According to some international authorities, Court Room must proceed remotely. Most of the cases all over the World are too long to move. Some procecutions take years of years but no results. Some Court in this modern age takes too much time that even someone in leave this World. In addition, in some cases our police and law enforcement agencies have no access to the Law. After that, one of the main issue is that quality of education. Our most of the society members have access to these techniques. Now they still trust on Jirgha System in our environment.


In conclusion, we must trust in Latest Technology related to the Court Proceeding. We should facilitate our society with different means. After that, Judges and Lawyers must start an awareness campaign in society about laws. In addition, most countries prosecute the hearing publically so that everyone observes the rules. Because the technology and latest techniques will reduce the crime ratio in society. Finally, online Courts must be available for those who live far places.

Obviously, everyone demands modern courts. Moreover, If you want to add more techniques in courts please add a comment below, our department make your comment as part of the Article.

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